How stressed are you? Take the stress test

How often in the last two weeks have you experienced the following?

Tick one option/answer only for each question.

  1. Aching joints, muscles or tense spots, and/or headaches

  2. Unexplained indigestion or IBS - (irritable bowel syndrome - symptoms include diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, cramps)

  3. Spikes in your blood pressure for non-medical reasons

  4. Problems getting off or back to sleep

  5. Panic attack - rapid/and or irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing and dizziness

  6. Physical tension, feeling "uptight" and/or clenching your fists or jaw?

  7. Difficulty in "switching off" mentally?

  8. Worried that you've binged on alcohol, food or cigarettes?

  9. Got irritable or angry or lost your temper?

  10. Felt anxious about what might happen or about how someone is behaving

  11. Overwhelmed by how much you have to do at work or home

  12. Felt lack of control over what's going on in your life

  13. Found it hard to concentrate

  14. Felt too tired/tense for sex

  15. Been too upset to eat


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