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Feng Shui is a Chinese system that describes how energy in a given space affects us, and how it can be organised to ensure a healthy mind and body. Interior and exterior design can be altered in various ways to ensure critical factors of feng shui are balanced: a flow of positive energy (chi); eliminating negative energy (sha); and creating balance in the ‘five aspects of nature’ around the home – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. It may seem obvious that the environment we live in affects mood and symptoms of stress, but feng shui practitioners claim it has power to change physical and emotional wellbeing and covers wide-ranging symptoms.

A therapist will listen to your symptoms and come into your home, analysing the energy and balance of key feng shui elements before suggesting changes. A session will last up to four hours. They will claim to sense very subtle changes in ‘chi’ and suggest how to restore energy balance to support your health, such as getting rid of clutter and anything broken or unloved, rebalancing the height of objects around the room, getting rid of any window opposite a door, and adding crystals or plants to slow down the flow of ‘chi’.

Very little research has been done into the effectiveness of feng shui, and there is none into its effects on stress and related symptoms. The majority of reports have come from individual accounts and case studies, which collectively make a strong case, but this has not been replicated on a large scale or studied properly.

Ensure a therapist coming into your home and analysing your possessions is qualified, and experienced and registered. Do not change anything which you are uncomfortable with – the therapist should be suggesting and not forcing you to change.

The therapist’s fees will depend on their experience and training, as well as on your home and the number of residents and rooms. Expect to pay around £100 for a one bedroom flat, up to around £500 for a larger house. Follow up consultations are sometimes offered at about £250.


How does Feng Shui work? – VIDEO

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  1. Thanks for your article. To clarify, Feng Shui on a large scale have been used in the past and still is: the best example are the forbidden city in China, as well as the financial district in Hong Kong. There are two major kind of Feng Shui – one called classical that rely on Chinese traditions of analysis, and a modern one, more intuitive.

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