How the stars cope with stress

They may have everything that most mortals could desire but celebrities suffer from stress too. Ateh Damachi discovers how celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet and Madonna deal with it.

KATE WINSLET Kate Winslet swears by the tension-relieving qualities of the Mexican yam. ‘I’ve been taking Mexican yam religiously,’ says the British star. ‘It’s the best hormonal balancing supplement. It’s brilliant.’ A night at home in front of the telly is another stressbuster for Kate. ‘I’m in that dressing gown and love it. I’m all for comfort and being cosy.’

The former star of East Enders and My Fair Lady has a mixed approach to staying healthy and stress-free. ‘I do yoga, meditate a lot, eat healthily, respect my body and drink plenty of water’, she says, ‘but I don’t deprive myself of little treats occasionally.’

Christy Turlington, the supermodel turned student and now businesswoman, is an aficionado of the Ayurveda theory of balance and harmony. Even when she is travelling she practises Ayurvedic yoga every day and Sanskrit chanting once a week. ‘I have a very clean and healthy life,’ she says.

Life in Hollywood has its ups and downs but superstar Sandra Bullock’s centre of stability is the ranch she owns in Texas, where she retreats to enjoy the sunset and recharge her batteries. ‘On my ranch I can watch the grass grow, see friends and revel in just doing nothing.’

Jennifer Aniston copes with her hectic schedule by retreating into the comfort of her own home and the arms of her new husband Brad Pitt. ‘I’m a homebody,’ expands Jennifer.’ I just potter round my house, turn on the computer and try to return some emails.’

Mother-of-two Madonna finds that life with children is life in the fast lane. ‘Now that I have kids,’ confesses the London-based star, ‘I no longer have any free time.’ Yoga is her answer to keeping focused and relaxed.

Pamela Anderson, the Baywatch superbabe, may have suffered her share of troubles, but she has found a spiritual and emotional strength in the teaching of her Finnish grandfather Herman, an advocate of the power of crystals, meditation and dream interpretation.

Stressbusting begins at home for TV presenter, Mary Nightingale. ‘Prunning and digging in my garden gives me the greatest feeling of relaxation and calm’, she says. ‘I get a real sense of satisfaction when I see the results of my hard work. A sunny afternoon with the secateurs and a large spade – heaven!.’


Demi Moore finds that exercise helps her to cope with stress. ‘I like being physical and being out and about,’ explains the star, who works out for up to two hours a day. Spending time with her kids is another great stressbuster. ‘I spend a lot of time going to the park, the zoo or the beach with the kids and taking bike rides.’


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