Relationships & Sex

Relationships are one of the leading causes of stress. Whether it be a turbulent break-up, falling in love or an impending marriage, relationships often leave us feeling emotionally drained.

Just say no

If you put yourself under unnecessary strain by always saying ‘Yes’, then it’s time to learn the art of the graceful refusal. Why saying yes is not for the best… WHY SAYING YES IS NOT FOR THE BEST As far as stress is concerned, many …

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Stressed out? Your problems answered

Agony Aunt Ingrid Miller takes the stress out of some modern dilemmas, including answering questions about financial strain, pressure at work, life after death, and the strain of shyness. FINANCIAL STRAIN My partner earns considerably less than I do. He says that this financial disparity …

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Build your mental wall

We all find confrontation disagreeable. Bullies capitalize on this, relying on their victim to keep quiet rather than face any more abuse. To counter this we need a strategy to overcome feelings of stress and anxiety generated by such confrontation. I developed the ‘mental wall’ …

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Do a favour a day

Have you ever done someone a good turn and then waited for them to repay the favour? If you have, you have done it for all the wrong reasons.

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Project who you’d like to be

Richard Branson is viewed by many people as a decent chap. He does have an interesting tendency to ditch very expensive balloons in large oceans, but he has managed to build his business empire on the back of his image as the type of guy …

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Stand up for yourself

Under the thumb Before the days of little blue pills for impotence, a bashful young man asked me for help with his sexual problems. He had a forceful and enthusiastic wife, and he felt inadequate. We finally agreed that a course of injections would help. …

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