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Jayne Howarth is a freelance journalist with over 20 years' experience in the industry. She worked for 15 years at The Birmingham Post and has also written for a wide variety of websites focusing on health.

Aromatherapy reduces blood pressure: study

Mainly popular for its purported emotional benefits, aromatherapy could also aid in lowering high blood pressure and an elevated heart rate. We look into the findings of this new study.

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More Facebook friends means more stress: study

The more people you connect with on Facebook, the more stressed you’re likely to become. A new report suggests that social networking may not be as harmless as most of us think.

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Workplace stress blamed for rise in migraines

Work-related stress can cause a wide variety of physical and emotional problems. A new survey finds doctors increasingly worried about the link between workplace stress and migraines.

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Meditation also helps cut colds and flu

It’s the season for dreaded winter colds and flu that knock many of us for six. But instead of stocking up on vitamin C, doctors are now suggesting trying meditation to ward off such illness.

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Stressed? Watch a rom-com, kid’s film or musical: study

A new study delves into the fascinating subject of how our bodies react to watching movies. While “Pulp Fiction” upped viewers’ stress levels, “Prometheus” had the opposite effect.

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Teen girls risk depression if mothers suffered stress after birth

A new study finds a link between depression in teenage children and the incidence of high stress levels in their mothers.

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Losing a smartphone more stressful than losing wallet, keys

Losing a smartphone would cause the average person more stress than losing a wallet or luggage, according to a new study.

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Meditation cuts stroke and heart attack risk: study

Practising meditation twice a day could help to cut the risk of heart attack or stroke by almost half, according to a new study.

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Stressed mothers-to-be more likely to have bullied children: study

Women who suffer stress and mental health problems in pregnancy are more likely to have a child that is bullied in later life, finds a new study.

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