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Jayne Howarth is a freelance journalist with over 20 years' experience in the industry. She worked for 15 years at The Birmingham Post and has also written for a wide variety of websites focusing on health.

Can “Virtual Reality Therapy” relieve stress, supplant CBT?

Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) is showing promise as a treatment for a variety of mental health problems. Research carried out at the University of Quebec supports the idea that VRT could prove an effective treatment for stress, anxiety and phobias.

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Stress raises heart risk by 27%; like smoking five cigarettes a day

A new study reveals the little-known health risks of severe stress. Could stress really be as damaging for your heart as smoking? A groundbreaking study by Columbia University Medical Center suggests so.

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Men remember stuff better under stress – but women don’t: study

Does your gender affect how you react to stress? Women are often thought to handle multi-tasking better than men. But does the science back this up?

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Multimedia multi-tasking is linked to anxiety: study

Research shows that surfing the internet on your phone while you watch TV could be putting you at risk of mental health problems.

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Festive season ups stress hormones, disrupting sleep

Christmas is traditionally seen as a time for relaxation and recharging your batteries. Research suggests that may not be quite accurate.

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Loneliness triggers stress response; hits brain like cocaine

How many times do those under stress hear that they need to take some “time out” or find some time on their own to help them relax? Yes, some time alone will often help alleviate stress for those with hectic lives but, suggests an American neuroscientist, spending too much time alone can itself trigger a stress response.

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CBT cuts anxiety among depressed patients: study

People suffering from depression experienced fewer symptoms of anxiety after complementing their medication with sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), new research has found.

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Mix of mindfulness, art therapy destresses breast cancer patients

A combination of mindfulness and art therapy has been shown to reduce stress levels and enhance quality of life among breast cancer patients.

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Stressed rich outlive stressed poor: study

Those who are stressed but affluent are likely to live longer than those who suffer similar stress levels but are also poor, reveals a new study.

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University provides puppy room for stressed students

A university in Canada is hoping to help its students relieve their exam season stress by providing them with a puppy room to visit and play with the animals.

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