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Dr Roger Henderson qualified as a doctor in 1985. He has been the medical columnist for The Sunday Times since 1997 and also contributes regularly to other national newspapers and magazines. He is the author of Stress Beaters: 100 Proven Ways to Manage Stress.

Your best is good enough

Our culture often suggests that there are always greater efficiencies to be made and better results to achieve. This is a commendable thought… but there is a law of diminishing returns – you can only do your very best, more than that does not exist. …

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Panic, prepare, present

Anxiety is a major reason why patients come to see me. Driving tests, fear of flying, interviews or exams are the usual things that trigger their stress. Yet there is a simple way to reduce ‘nerves’ and improve performance – the ‘3 Ps’… 1. Panic …

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Answer back

The main requirement in my job is the ability to listen. After that comes the ability to talk. These sound simple, but to do both well can be very difficult. We have all experienced the frustration of talking to someone who never gives a direct …

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Reward yourself – you’ve earned It

We all do things we would rather not do – attend a meeting that we know will be unpleasant, participate in an activity that makes us nervous… or sit down to a day’s work that stretches far ahead of us. There may be nothing we …

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Think in concentrated bursts

We constantly think about problems and the decisions we have to make. Most of these are mundane and common. Did I turn off the gas? What do I need to get from the supermarket? Such problems take relatively little thinking time to resolve. Bigger problems …

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Keep it simple

There is a trend that began in America and is taking hold in this country called ‘downshifting’, which may be seen simply as making one’s life less cluttered. Most of us spend our working hours trying to squeeze more from less, then at home we …

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Take a daily stress MOT

When someone is very stressed, I can usually tell within the first 30 seconds after they sit down in front of me. It is never some one bursting into tears… that gives the game away, although that happens so often that a box of tissues …

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Share your problems

No one is an island – we all need friends. We need them as temporary refuges from problems in other relationships. We discuss solutions and other ideas with them to get feedback on how realistic they are. Real friends are not ‘yes-men’, telling you only …

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Be generous

Many people feel stressed because they are channelled into a particular way of thinking. They are stuck in a routine at home or at work, and life is different shades of grey instead of new colours. This leads to boredom, frustration in relationships and a …

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Learn massage

If I were rich, my daily luxury would be a massage. Massage is the oldest form of therapy for dealing with stress, and its value is as relevant today as it has ever been. Daily tensions and stress make us tense, a state many people …

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